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Tinnitus, a persistent ringing, buzzing, whistling or hissing in your ears from no external source, can be a debilitating condition affecting 1 in 7 people in the UK. But the good news is there are plenty of ways to manage it.


At All About Hearing this all begins with a tinnitus consultation with one of our experienced Audiologists which will set you up with a tailored tinnitus management plan. 


During your tinnitus consultation you’ll receive a full hearing assessment to find out what’s going on with your ears and determine any hearing loss which might be caused by your tinnitus.


We’ll go through a thorough medical history to determine if there is anything that may have been a trigger or is exacerbating the tinnitus.


We will check the health of the ears to rule out if wax or infections are the cause. We will perform tests to assess the function and health of each ear, including a middle ear pressure check that looks for congestion or blockages. We’ll also complete a thorough hearing test to determine if there is any underlying hearing loss.


Your expert audiologist will then be able to give you personalised advice on which tinnitus treatments would be beneficial for you and your ears. This can include various therapies to help you manage the condition, hearing aids, as well as earwax removal if that is what is causing your problems.

Tinnitus will affect over 8 million people in the UK by 2025 (Tinnitus UK)

What is tinnitus?

For many, the world sings with a constant, unwelcome song. This is the reality of tinnitus, a symphony of buzzing, ringing, pulsing or whooshing that interferes with the quiet and amplifies the mundane. Often entwined with its unwelcome partner hearing loss, tinnitus can turn everyday moments into a war against inner noise.


Hearing loss, whether age-related, noise-induced, or due to underlying medical conditions, can go hand in hand with tinnitus. Damage to the hair cells in the inner ear responsible for translating sound waves into electrical signals, disrupts the normal auditory pathway. This can lead the brain to misinterpret some signals, resulting in the phantom noises of tinnitus.


While not a disease itself, tinnitus can be a debilitating symptom, impacting sleep, concentration and mental well-being. The constant presence of inner noise can lead to anxiety, depression and isolation. The frustrating fact that only the sufferer hears the "music" adds a layer of loneliness and misunderstanding.

Tinnitus & hearing loss

For many people hearing loss, whether age-related, noise-induced, or due to underlying medical conditions, can go hand in hand with tinnitus.


It's not known as to exactly why this it, but it’s thought that a change to the hearing system can cause someone to experience tinnitus.


The cochlea (organ of hearing) in the inner ear detects sound vibrations and sends the information along the auditory (hearing) nerve to be processed by the brain. When the cochlea or auditory nerve become damaged or don’t work properly, the number of electrical signals sent to the brain is reduced. 


Research has shown that the hearing part of the brain then ‘fills in the gaps’ of the sounds that are expected to come from the ear. This could create the sensation of sound that we know as tinnitus.


What’s more, if you have hearing loss, you may be more aware of your tinnitus. This is because you won’t hear as many environmental sounds that could otherwise help distract you from it. In this case, using hearing aids can help with both hearing loss and tinnitus.

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