Visit our pop-up clinic at the Suffolk Show 
(Stand 761)

25th May 2024

Experienced hearing care professionals from All About Hearing will be providing free ear health checks at this year’s Suffolk Show (Weds 29th and Thurs 30th May) and giving you the chance to see the inside of your very own ears.


Join the team at Stand 761, as they use their state-of-the-art video otoscopes to magnify your ear canals onto a TV screen, as they check to ensure your ears are nice and healthy.


The All About Hearing team will be on hand to answer your questions about hearing loss and to provide you with information about the latest hearing solutions. They can also help you to determine if you need a hearing test.


To book tickets for this year's show, please click here.


Dementia Awareness Week (20-26 May):
How hearing loss can impact your risk of cognitive decline

20th May 2024

Did you know that untreated hearing loss can be linked to an increased risk of cognitive decline? It's true, and with Dementia Awareness Week taking place this week (20-26 May), it's a crucial time to shed light on this connection.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The Numbers Speak Volumes: Studies have shown that people with hearing loss, particularly those with moderate to severe cases, are at a higher risk of developing dementia compared to those with normal hearing. The risk can be nearly double for mild hearing loss, triple for moderate loss, and a staggering five times higher for severe hearing loss [Alzheimer's Society].
  • Cognitive Function: There are a couple of theories behind this link. One suggests that constantly straining to hear takes a toll on the brain, diverting resources away from other cognitive functions like memory. Another theory points to social isolation. Hearing loss can make it difficult to follow conversations and participate in social activities, which can lead to cognitive decline.
  • Hearing Aids: The good news is that treating hearing loss can offer some protection. Research suggests that using hearing aids can significantly slow cognitive decline in people at risk of dementia [National Institutes of Health].
  • Don't Wait: While Dementia Awareness Week is a great time to focus on brain health, getting your hearing checked shouldn't wait. If you suspect hearing loss, schedule an appointment with an Audiologist for a hearing test. Early detection and treatment are key.

If you'd like to our team for further advice or to book a hearing assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



All About Hearing Charity Quiz Night raises over £1,200 for good causes

15th April 2024

A fantastic evening of trivia and fun took place on Sunday, April 14th, as local hearing specialists All About Hearing hosted their highly successful Charity Quiz Night at the Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre. 


All About Hearing, which is run by mother and son duo Karen Finch and Matthew Coward managed to raise a staggering £1,273 for two worthy charities: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Alzheimer's Society.


The event, which saw strong local support, had teams of up to 6 members battling it out across a range of challenging questions, all vying to be crowned the ultimate quiz champions. ‘Stargazers’, led by local resident Tina Hammond, took home the winning prize of £100.


“We’re thrilled with the turnout and the amount raised at our Charity Quiz Night,” said Matthew Coward, Director for All About Hearing. “It was a fantastic evening filled with friendly competition and a real sense of community spirit. We’d like to thank everyone who participated, donated prizes, and helped make the event such a success.”


The funds raised from the event will be split between Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a charity that trains dogs to assist deaf people with everyday tasks, and Alzheimer's Society, which provides support and information to those affected by dementia.


Our supporters

A huge thank you to all these local businesses who have shown support for our Quiz.
If you have a local business and would like to be involved, please click here

Principal Supporter: 
Ginger Pickle Marketing

Round Supporters: 
Gilmour Piper | Signia Hearing | ReSound | We Love Pets | Suffolk Tax

Prize Draw Supporters: 
Tesco | Moontree Yoga | Jimmys Farm | Flyer Press | Seckford Golf Club


When Silence Rings: Exploring the Entwined Symphony of Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

3rd February 2024

Experienced For over 7 million people in the UK¹ the world sings with a constant, unwelcome song. This is the reality of tinnitus, a symphony of buzzing, ringing, pulsing or whooshing that interferes with the quiet and amplifies the mundane. Often entwined with its unwelcome partner hearing loss, tinnitus can turn everyday moments into a war against inner noise.


“Hearing loss, whether age-related, noise-induced, or due to underlying medical conditions, can go hand in hand with tinnitus”, says Karen Finch, an award-winning Audiologist whose company, All About Hearing, is highlighting the condition as part of UK Tinnitus Week, which begins on Monday (5th February).


Karen added, “Research suggests that over 90% of people with tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss². This intertwined melody can significantly impact daily life, making it difficult to hear conversations, focus on work, and even enjoy quiet moments.”


Damage to the hair cells in the inner ear responsible for translating sound waves into electrical signals, disrupts the normal auditory pathway. This can lead the brain to misinterpret some signals, resulting in the phantom noises of tinnitus.


While not a disease itself, tinnitus can be a debilitating symptom, impacting sleep, concentration and mental well-being. The constant presence of inner noise can lead to anxiety, depression and isolation. The frustrating fact that only the sufferer hears the "noises" adds a layer of loneliness and misunderstanding.


Karen, who heads a team of 3 experienced Audiologists, understands the challenges and frustrations that tinnitus can cause: “I saw a patient not so long ago who said that the noise in her ears was so loud, she told me she was surprised I couldn’t hear it,” said Karen.


“We tested her hearing and discovered she did have a moderate hearing loss and we went on to fit her with some hearing aids. I won’t say it was a miracle cure because it wasn’t, but she told us it had changed her life.  Now, every day sounds she hadn’t been able to hear because of the noises in her ears, were clearly audible, and they in turn, suppressed the aggravation caused by the tinnitus.”


Karen added: “I cannot emphasise how much difference identifying the hearing loss made to this lady.  At her first follow up appointment she said she had been to a number of gatherings over the festive period and heard conversations clearly – something she hadn’t be able to do for years.”


She explained that unresolved tinnitus is more than just a noise:  it can make communication difficult for the sufferer and the unrelenting sounds can cause stress which in turn makes the condition worse. 


“It really is like a spiral; the condition causes stress and stress make the condition worse,” she says. 


Interestingly, experts believe that even those without significant hearing loss may find hearing aids are helpful. Straining to listen causes increased hearing sensitivity and this can allow tinnitus to emerge or, if present already, to worsen. Correcting even relatively mild hearing loss reduces this central auditory gain and thereby reduces the level of the tinnitus. Hearing aids are said to be useful even if the hearing loss is not at a point that hearing aids would normally be considered.


Karen and her team run hearing care clinics from two locations in Ipswich; Two Rivers Medical Centre on Woodbridge Road East, and Gilmour Piper on Fonnereau Road. 


To mark Tinnitus Week (5-12 February), the All About Hearing team are offering half price hearing assessments (£30) to try and help people identify if they have hearing loss as well as tinnitus. Appointments can be booked between 1-29 February 2024 (over 18s only), by calling 01473 946444 or by clicking here.


The awareness week is organised by the independent charity Tinnitus UK. For much more information and support visit



All About Hearing Audiologist "deeply concerned" as patients turn to DIY methods to remove earwax

24th January 2024

Experienced local audiologist, Karen Finch, is sounding the alarm over a worrying trend in the wake of declining NHS earwax removal services: patients across Suffolk are increasingly resorting to dangerous DIY methods to clear their ears, putting their hearing health at risk.


Driven by limited access to earwax removal services on the NHS, individuals are turning to cotton swabs, olive oil, and even makeshift tools, often with serious consequences. 


"Earwax removal may seem like a simple task, but it's crucial to understand the delicate nature of the ear canal," warns Karen, who runs All About Hearing in Ipswich. "Improper attempts at removing wax can lead to a cascade of problems, including infections, hearing loss, and even perforation of the eardrum."


This week a report from hearing loss charity, the RNID showed that almost 10 million people in England can no longer access free NHS earwax removal services, including those in Suffolk and North Essex¹.


Karen cites a concerning rise in the number of patients in her Ipswich clinic presenting with complications arising from DIY earwax removal. These range from mild irritation and temporary hearing loss to serious infections and permanent hearing damage. "I’m deeply concerned to see people risking their hearing health because they lack access to proper care," she emphasises.


Without access to an NHS service, many people are having to seek out private services for help, which Karen says in turn is causing its own problems.


“If you go via a private service, I urge that you look for a qualified practitioner, ideally an Audiologist, who completely understands the ear anatomy, has the required qualifications and what they are looking at,” says Karen. 


“There are many practitioners who have found a route to offering this service by buying a machine, taking a 1- or 2-day course, and practicing only on a manikin head, with little or no prior experience with ears.”


If you have any concerns you have with your ears or hearing and would like to speak to one of our Audiologists, please call us on 01473 946444. Alternatively, if you'd like to find out more about our private earwax removal service, please click here.



Hear Your Way into the New Year: 
Why a Hearing Test Should Top Your Resolutions

2nd January 2024 | By Karen Finch

With the New Year dawning, it's time to reassess our health and well-being. But did you know that your hearing plays a crucial role in your overall health and happiness? Often overlooked, hearing loss creeps in insidiously, affecting people of all ages. This year, make a powerful resolution: prioritise your hearing with a hearing test with All About Hearing.



Early Detection, Big Impact: The beauty of a hearing test? It catches problems before they worsen. By the time you notice difficulties, hearing loss could be moderate or severe. Early intervention is key, minimising further damage and preserving your precious ability to hear.


Hear Clearly, Connect Deeply: Struggling to follow conversations? Feeling left out or frustrated? Hearing loss can isolate you from loved ones and drain the joy from social interactions. A hearing test paves the way for solutions like hearing aids or assistive devices, helping you reconnect with life's vibrant melodies.


Protect Your Brain: It's not just about sound. Studies reveal a link between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline, including Alzheimer's and dementia. By addressing hearing loss early, you safeguard your cognitive health and potentially reduce the risk of these debilitating conditions.


Hearty Happiness: The impact of hearing loss goes beyond the ears. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even balance problems. But good news awaits! Addressing hearing loss can boost your emotional well-being, confidence, and overall quality of life. Imagine a year filled with joyful connections, clear communication, and a renewed sense of belonging.



A hearing test is simple, painless, and potentially life-changing. Why wait? Make your hearing health a priority this year. Schedule your hearing test with All About Hearing today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more connected you.



It's the most wonderful time to hear: 
Improve your hearing in time for Christmas

11th December 2023 | By Karen Finch

There is nothing like the festive season with one social engagement after another. From the Christmas office party, and drinks with friends, to the buzz of the family gathering on the big day, December is a time for fun and social interaction.


However, for someone with hearing loss, the Christmas period can cause a lot of anxiety.

One in six people across the UK experience some form of reduced hearing, but nowhere near that amount act to improve their hearing. 


Hearing loss makes it harder to socialise


Hearing loss affects your ability to understand speech. Because of this, it can take much more mental energy to follow along during a Christmas meal out with friends or when opening presents with the family. This can lead to to listening fatigue and make going out feel exhausting rather than enjoyable.


Hearing loss can lead to frequent misunderstandings, which can cause frustration for both you and your loved ones. Eventually, this frustration can lead people with hearing loss to isolate themselves from others rather than consistently try to engage in conversations that are difficult and confusing.


Hearing aids can help keep you connected 


Hearing aids can make such a difference to someone's quality of life, especially at this time of year.


A leading study* published in 2021 found that hearing aid fittings significantly reduced listening fatigue in participants with hearing loss. Additionally, they found that social activity levels increased and social participation restriction decreased significantly after hearing aid fitting compared to those with hearing loss who did not get fitted for the device.


Modern hearing aids are much smaller and more discreet than they ever used to be and packed full of amazing features that will help during the festive period. 


At a Christmas gathering, directional microphones and noise reduction features built into the hearing aids will adapt to pick up sound from in front of you and dampen noise from behind you, helping you to follow the conversation much more easily. Also, nearly all hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity which means you can enjoy a Christmas film with your family by streaming the audio directly into your hearing devices and they can be controlled by using a simple app on your phone.


Don’t delay in treating your hearing loss


If you’ve noticed that you’ve been struggling to hear, don’t let another Christmas go by just ‘getting on with it’. Take this opportunity to look after your hearing health. 


Hearing health assessments can be booked online by clicking here, by calling 014739 946444. or by completing our contact form.


Our Audiologists, Karen, Teresa and Melvyn are all here to support and guide you every step of the way. If hearing aids are the right solution for you, your Audiologist will work with you to determine the style and technology that best meets your needs and fits with your lifestyle.


Appointments are available both of our clinics in Ipswich:


  • Gilmour Piper, 10 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich
  • Two Rivers Medical Centre, 30 Woodbridge Road East, Ipswich


* Hearing Aids Reduce Daily-Life Fatigue and Increase Social Activity: A Longitudinal Study - PubMed (

Signia IX Pure Charge&Go hearing aids in charging device

AAH Charity Quiz Night helps to raise over £2k for Suffolk cancer charity

17th September 2023 | By Matthew Coward

The All About Hearing team hosted it's second very successful Charity Quiz on Sunday 15th October 2023.


Presented by Suffolk Sound radio presenter Mark Murphy MBE, the evening was held at Venue 16 in Ipswich, and organised to help raise money for Cancer Campaign in Suffolk. 


Supported by over 170 guests, the evening’s final fundraising tally stood at just over £2,000.


Karen Finch, who is Lead Audiologist for All About Hearing said: “I cannot thank enough everybody involved with this event, including our attendees, generous local businesses who have donated money or prizes, or our special helpers on the night.


Mark Murphy, who is also the new CEO of Cancer Campaign in Suffolk was thrilled with how the event went: “I am absolutely bowled over by the amount raised and this money with help support more cancer patients in Suffolk with complimentary therapy and counselling. It will also go towards our education programme which makes people aware of the signs of cancer to look out for and how best to look after themselves to prevent it.”


I’d especially like to thank all the team at All About Hearing for choosing to help us support cancer patients.”


Please watch this space as we have more exciting plans for further fundraising events in the New Year.


For more photos and videos of our Charity Quiz Night, please visit our Facebook page.


Our official supporters of the quiz:


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Signia Hearing


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Ginger Pickle


Hudson Group

Jo Banthorpe Acupuncture


𝙋𝒓𝙞𝒛𝙚 𝙙𝒐𝙣𝒂𝙩𝒊𝙤𝒏𝙨:

Deben VW Camper Hire

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New Wolsey Theatre


Waitrose & Partners

Chestnut & Rose

Move More For Health


Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park

Play2Day Ipswich

Deben Carpets and Flooring

Rose Paul Nutrition


𝑽𝙚𝒏𝙪𝒆 𝒉𝙞𝒓𝙚:


Signia IX Pure Charge&Go hearing aids in charging device

Signia IX: New hearing technology to help users follow conversations in noisy environments

11th September 2023 | By AAH Lead Audiologist, Karen Finch RHAD FSHAA FRSA

Hearing aid technology never ceases to amaze me. Just last week myself and fellow Audiologist Melvyn Howe returned from London after attending the exclusive launch of Signia Integrated Xperience (IX) hearing aids – one of the very latest innovations helping those with hearing loss.


My team at All About Hearing are very proud to be one of the very first providers of this incredible new technology, which is crammed full of world-firsts. The key feature is the Signia’s IX RealTime Conversation Enhancement, which tackles one of the most difficult challenges for those with hearing loss – group conversations in noise.


Patients who visit me in clinic always tell me that they have difficulty following conversations at noisy social events. Hearing aid technology to date has found it difficult to enhance speech in these environments and are unable to switch directional modes fast enough to effectively capture multiple speakers. 


Signia IX is introducing the world’s first hearing aid that identifies and locks on to the voice of every person in a conversation, enhancing their speech and reducing background noise.  Watch our video below to watch this amazing technology in action. I truly believe that conversations and social interactions with our loved ones and friends are essential to our well-being and to keep our brains healthy.


This technology is more than just hearing better. It will give hearing aid wearers the confidence to engage, interact, and contribute, especially in noisy group conversations and not just be an observer on the sidelines.


FREE Hearing Care Days in Ipswich


At All About Hearing we believe that everyone should be able to experience the world around them to the fullest. Hearing allows us to connect with others, to learn, and to enjoy life. That’s why we are organising a series of special events to help encourage those with hearing loss, to take the first step and seek professional guidance and support.


Join us between Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th October 2023 where our caring Audiologists will be conducting fully comprehensive hearing health assessments, providing the very best professional advice, and will make any personalised recommendations according to your test results. Appointments are available at both of our Ipswich clinics and there is no charge, saving you £60 off our normal consultation price.


To book an appointment please call 01473 946444 or book online by clicking here

Mother and son combine expertise to help even more people with hearing loss

1st September 2023

All About Hearing, is a fully independent healthcare business founded by award-winning Audiologist Karen Finch, back in December 2022.


We now are very pleased to say that the business has been strengthened after her eldest son, Matthew Coward, announced that he was to join the business as a director, bringing with him over 20 years of customer service, marketing, and operational skills in the hearing care profession.


“I’ve always wanted to run my own business,” said Matthew. 


“And I couldn’t think of a better person to do it with! Together we are so passionate about helping people with hearing loss and we’re committed to providing our patients with the personalised care they need to enjoy life to the fullest.  This is a truly family run business, and we are going to ensure that our patients feel part of that family.”


Karen believes that the partnership will be a valuable asset to the local community: “We are both super excited to run this new business together and to use our expertise to help people with hearing loss live better lives,” said Karen.

All About Hearing's next fundraiser to help support Cancer Campaign in Suffolk

28th August 2023

We are pleased to announce that this October All About Hearing is organising a big charity quiz night to help raise funds for local charity Cancer Campaign in Suffolk.


The quiz is being held on Sunday 15th October 2023 at Venue 16 in Ipswich, with a 7pm start. Teams can include between 4 – 6 members and entry is £9 per person. The entry fee also includes delicious hot snacks for the table (pizza, chicken wings, roast potatoes and more).


On the night there will be a bar, big screen, and plenty of prizes to be won, thanks to the generous support from local businesses. Quizmaster for the evening will be charity CEO and former BBC Radio Suffolk presenter, Mr Mark Murphy MBE.


Karen Finch, Director and Lead Audiologist for All About Hearing said “We’ve been involved with many charity quizzes in the past and they have always been fantastic evenings, full of fun, frivolity and healthy competition.


“We encourage you to pull your friends and family together, round up a group of your colleagues at work or even come along with a local group or organisation that you are a member of. We really need your support to help raise money for this fantastic cause!”


Cancer Campaign in Suffolk is a local cancer charity that is focused on life before, during and after cancer. Their aim is to educate the local community about the signs and symptoms prior to its arrival, support cancer patients during treatment through non-clinical therapies and provide a safe space in their wellbeing workshops in the latter part of treatment and beyond.


Tickets are expected to sell out fast, so we are advising interested teams to book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be booked by visiting


For any questions or queries please email and we will do our best to help.


Our official supporters of the quiz:


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Signia Hearing


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Ginger Pickle


Hudson Group

Jo Banthorpe Acupuncture


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Deben VW Camper Hire

Marriott Motor Group

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Ipswich Regent Theatre

New Wolsey Theatre


Waitrose & Partners

Chestnut & Rose

Move More For Health


Jimmy's Farm & Wildlife Park

Play2Day Ipswich

Deben Carpets and Flooring

Rose Paul Nutrition


𝑽𝙚𝒏𝙪𝒆 𝒉𝙞𝒓𝙚:


Big Summer Quiz raises over £1.3k for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

19th July 2023

Local, family run hearing care company All About Hearing, which only began life in December 2020 has just hosted the BIG Summer Quiz in Kesgrave on Sunday 16th July 2023


Presented by BBC Radio Suffolk presenter and journalist Stephanie Mackentyre, the evening was organised to help raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Supported by over 130 guests, the evening’s final fundraising tally stood at £1,318.60.


Karen Finch, Owner, and Lead Audiologist for All About Hearing said: “I cannot thank everybody involved with this event enough, including our attendees, generous local businesses who have donated money or prizes, or our special helpers on the night.


“Hearing Dogs is a charity very close to our hearts and they give many deaf people confidence, independence and companionship. This money will be a big boost for the charity.”.


Hearing Dogs are trained to alert deaf adults and children to important sounds and danger signals as well as providing companionship, reducing isolation and increasing independence. The charity says that there are over 850,000 people in the UK that could benefit from a Hearing Dog and the breeding, training, placement and life-long care of each dog costs around £40,000.


We are pleased to say that we already have plans for a follow up fundraising quiz night in October.


A big thank you to the official supporters of the quiz:


All About Hearing announced as an official sponsor of Life's a Pitch TV

19th July 2023

At All About Hearing we believe that small businesses are the backbone of any community, and as well as creating economic benefits, they can play a vital role in building strong communities. 

Karen and the team are committed to making a positive difference in the local area and as such you will begin to see an exciting programme of community work rolled out over the coming months.

To kick off this project, we are thrilled to announce that we will be an official sponsor of the new Life's A Pitch TV show, which is on air from this Thursday (20th July 2023)

The guys will be discussing all things Ipswich Town Football Club, as well as local non-league and grass roots football.

Mark Calver, Commercial Director of Life’s A Pitch TV said: “We are truly delighted to have All About Hearing as one of our associate sponsors. The support we have received from the local community-based companies has been fantastic and with this sponsorship our values match perfectly. We are all looking forward to a good season ahead on Life’s A Pitch TV.

We look forward to working with the Life's a Pitch TV team over the coming months and wish them every success with their new venture.

🎦 Tune in this Thursday from 9pm on YouTube. Subscribe by clicking here.

Summer tips for using your hearing aids

18th June 2023

The UK is currently enjoying some beautiful summer weather, but if you expect to spend some time in hot and muggy conditions, it is important to take precautions when wearing your hearing aids.

Hearing aids are sensitive devices that can be damaged by extreme environmental conditions. Here are a few tips from our Audiologist, Teresa Sadler, on how to keep your hearing aids working in top condition throughout the summer months:

1. Don't leave your hearing aids out in direct sunlight. The plastic casings of hearing aids can melt if they are exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Make sure you store your hearing aids in a cool, shady place.

2. Avoid excessive heat. Even if your hearing aids are not in direct sunlight, leaving them in hot conditions, such as the glove compartment of your car, can cause damage. Find a cool place to store your hearing aids, even if it means leaving them in your hotel room or inside your house.

3. Avoid chemical damage. Some chemicals, such as sunscreen, hairspray, and insect repellent, can damage hearing aids. Before you apply any of these products, remove your hearing aids and store them in a safe place.

4. Watch out for moisture. Moisture can also damage hearing aids. If you are going to be in a humid environment, wear a hat to protect your ears from the rain or sweat. If you are going swimming, remove your hearing aids and store them in a waterproof container.

By following these simple tips, you can help keep your hearing aids in good condition and enjoy the summer months without worrying about damaging your hearing aids.

If you have any questions about how to protect your hearing aids, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Winner announced for 'Beautiful Noise' competition, in partnership with GenX Radio

22nd May 2023

Huge congratulations to our very lucky winner of the 'Beautiful Noise' competition which we have run over the past 7 days, in partnership with our friends at GenX Radio Suffolk.

Penny Mathieson, walks away with a pair of Signia Hearing Styletto hearing aids and a full aftercare package from our team at All About Hearing.

If you weren't lucky enough to win, but are looking for some help to improve your hearing, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

01473 946444 |

Karen's plea after survey shows hearing aids reduce dementia risk by over 40%

17th April 2023

All About Hearing owner and Lead Audiologist, Karen Finch,  has sent out a plea to anyone struggling with hearing loss, after a new study has found that wearing hearing aids could help reduce the risk of dementia. 

Karen was speaking after a study, which was published in The Lancet, showed that people with hearing loss who used hearing aids were 42% less likely to develop dementia than those with hearing loss who did not use hearing aids 

Karen is a passionate advocate for hearing health and said: “There are approximately 11 million people in the UK with hearing loss, which equates to over 125,000 people in Suffolk alone. Many of these people have never sought the help of an audiologist to assess their hearing.

“This study, along many others before it, is showing strong evidence that untreated hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline. My plea to anyone over 50 is to ensure you have a regular hearing check every couple of years, especially if you have started to notice you are missing parts of conversations or other sounds or family history of hearing loss.”

The study looked at data from 437,704 people taking part in the UK Biobank study. The average age was 56, and the average follow-up time was 12 years. 

The hypothesis, known as cognitive overload, asserts that the brains of adults with hearing loss have to work harder to understand the same information as people with average hearing, which may put such a profound strain on the brain that it cannot perform other functions as well.

Karen, who fits the latest hearing aids from her clinics in Ipswich continued, “Wearing hearing aids can help to reduce the risks of dementia by improving hearing and making it easier for people to communicate. It is clear to me that this study highlight’s the urgent need for the early introduction of hearing aids when someone starts to experience hearing loss.”

If you are interesting in finding out more, or would like to book a hearing assessment, please call 01473 946444 or you can book online by clicking here.

When was the last time you had your hearing tested?

3rd April 2023 | By Karen Finch RHAD FSHAA FRSA, Lead Audiologist

Can you remember when you last had your hearing tested? If you can’t remember or have never had one, you certainly are not alone. A recent study highlighted that in the United Kingdom well over half the population (65%) have never had a hearing test carried out.

If you asked yourself when was your last dental check-up or visit to the opticians, you would probably say in the last 2 years. So why do we not take the same care with our hearing?

There are currently 12 million (1 in 5) people in the UK who experience hearing loss and our lifestyle means that the condition is becoming increasingly prevalent. National Hearing Loss charity, the Royal National Institute for Deafness (RNID), predicts that this will rise to 14.2 million by 2035.

Thankfully, with the use of accurate diagnostics and fantastic hearing assistive technology - it’s often an easily solved problem.

If you suspect you or a friend is experiencing difficulties with their hearing, consider the list below:

  • Do you ask others to repeat themselves?
  • Do friends complain that the TV is too loud?
  • Does it become difficult to follow a conversation in background noise?
  • Does it seem to you as if people are mumbling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have a hearing loss. If you have yet to have a hearing assessment, do not suffer in silence with an issue that can be readily addressed with hearing aids.

If you are feeling hesitant about taking the next step, remember that you are not alone. Consider the improvements in quality of life experienced by individuals who take action and address their hearing loss. The experience can be life changing - hearing aid users say they grow in confidence, communicating in groups becomes easier and less stressful and they begin to enjoy life again.

Our hearing allows us to connect with our surroundings and communicate with our loved ones. The ability to hear properly can go a long way in helping to stay active. Correct communication with family and friends can mean the difference between a fun and enjoyable day out or a confusing and frustrating day.

My team and I would be delighted to see you for a hearing test. We offer a basic hearing screening which is put simply, a pass or fail test and allows us to see whether there is something that needs further investigating. Alternatively, we provide a comprehensive assessment which is a full analysis of your hearing and overall ear health.

To book an appointment, you can do so online by clicking here or by calling 01473 946444.

Suffolk Audiologist Karen Finch makes return with All About Hearing

24th March 2023

Ipswich’s newest hearing healthcare practice is already making its mark amongst patients for providing service excellence and a high standard of personalised expert care.

All About Hearing, which launched in December 2022, is a fully independent, family-run healthcare business founded by award-winning Audiologist Karen Finch, who previously owned another very successful hearing company in the area for well over 20 years.

Karen and her All About Hearing team are dedicated to carrying out comprehensive hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings and ear wax removal, as well as support and counselling for those suffering from tinnitus.

Located next to Christchurch Park, All About Hearing is based within Gilmour Piper, a multi-disciplinary healthcare practice close to the town centre. The clinic also has free parking for those coming from further afield.

All About Hearing also has an outreach clinic at Two Rivers Medical Centre, located near Ipswich Hospital, as well as a home visit service for housebound patients to be seen in the comfort of their own home.

Owner and Audiologist Karen Finch, whose team includes her husband Melvyn Howe, has been delighted by the customer response.

She explains: “So far, feedback is really positive. Patients have been impressed by the quality of service, the facilities, and the way in which we can resolve their hearing issues.”

Expansion plans have quickly escalated due to such interest, and Karen and Melvyn are now joined by experienced Audiologist Teresa Sadler who joined the team in March.

“Ear health and decreasing hearing levels are very personal” Karen says “patients are seeking a high-level, personal involvement from their audiologist. This is a key part of our professional approach, maximising hearing outcomes.”

Karen continued: “Whilst we are a new practice, we are a family-run business with a long-standing pedigree, are well-thought of and well-connected in the Suffolk health community over many years.”

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Our patients always say it best...

"Outstanding from start to finish. Teresa is a star! Friendly but totally professional. The experience of having my first hearing aids was handled brilliantly and expertly.

If only all companies provided exemplary service like this!"

Mr V Perkins.

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